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The Covid-19 pandemic has created a myriad of challenges for every industry. IEC LIFTS has been no exception in encountering these new challenges framed by the new normal. But, we decided to deal with these hurdles in our own way meticulously, making vertical transportation safe for our esteemed customers.

The only time when people apart from the permanent residents of a building or villa have to enter the lift after installation, is for regular scheduled maintenance. It is quite natural for senior citizens and people with co-morbidities to be very concerned about service staff using the lift during scheduled servicing amidst the ongoing pandemic. We at IEC LIFTS followed stringent protocols while scheduled servicing routines ensuring complete safety of our esteemed customers and our very own competitive staff as well.

N95 respirators, face shields and latex gloves were provided to each of the service executives and it was made mandatory to use these while servicing operations. After completing servicing, our professionals used surface disinfectants on each and every lift components where contact with customers was possible like hand rails, operating panels etc.

We also developed a contactless operating panel for elevators at IEC LIFTS which totally eliminated the need for physical contact for passengers ensuring safety. Please see the video in the link below demonstrating the operating of the contactless operating panel developed at IEC LIFTS.

These precautions and stringent measures followed by IEC LIFTS along-with new developments helpedus to further enhance our relations with our customers and win their trust as a considerate and safe company.

Wishing a Happy and a Splendid New Year to everyone!

For us at IEC LIFTS, 2019 was year full of peaks and troughs. But, team IEC LIFTS believes that Challenges are meant to be met and overcome. With such a wonderful team at our backing, 2019 seemed to be an exciting year.

February 2019 saw the participation of IEC LIFTS at Mahatech Exhibition. The response received was good and it motivated us to aim for higher targets. Displaying and exhibiting our products, explaining their working, giving consultations to the potential customers definitely stirred enthusiasm in our team. IEC LIFTS motto of ‘CUSTOMISATION’ proved to be an asset for us during the exhibition.



Team IEC LIFTS geared up in mid-2019 for the prestigious opportunity of installing elevator at one of the most Landmark commercial projects in Pune. The prime feature of this kind of elevator was that it was a Hyraulic type Lift installation with a total of 17 meters travel with double piston used in it. Lift installation at such unique project definitely added a feather in our cap!
2019 also marked the beginning of our entry as a customized manufacturer of Villa Lifts in the state of Goa. Goa being the eye of tourist attraction from all over the world, service dependability with respect to lifts is a very important criteria. It was on this basis that IEC LIFTS secured these contracts. With more than 2 installations in the offing in Madgaon, Goa, IEC LIFTS is proud to launch its projects and service backup teams in Goa. We are hoping that the New Year 2020 will bring us more such opportunities of expanding the scope of our operations.



2019 ended on a sweet note as the team of IEC LIFTS gathered together for Christmas and New year celebration in the office. Such celebration fosters a sense of belonging and team spirit. With high spirits, togetherness and determination in minds, team IEC LIFTS is now geared up for the year 2020!


A name Synonymous with Customisation - 17 years of trust & services


In Asia dictionaries define ‘bungalow’ or ‘Villa’ as an independent house surrounded by open space and mostly used by a single family.

However, here at IEC LIFTS we believe it is much more than that. 

We encourage bungalow or Villa owners to cast their own unique impression on the property they possess. Apart from ensuring accessibility to all the levels of the  property, we offer various sizes of lift cars to suit your needs. Multiple directional access to lift ensures your convenience to move around the house. IEC LIFTS offers various types of entrance doors to match the interiors.  Every detail is paid attention to, in order to ensure that our clients don’t have to compromise on any aspect of the architectural design of their house

Clients are also empowered to design their own lift cars or cabins that suits their taste because we believe in customization to the fullest!. We offer a wide range of materials to design your own car ranging from aristocratic elite to simple, sober and cost-effective options.

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